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The essence of Life, Fork & Spoon is in creating great food for all times in life. Sometimes in everyone’s life, we need a helping hand, whether that’s drop-in meals for the homeless; families between housing or supporting school-kids with nutritious meals in the holiday period.

Here at Life Fork & Spoon we have committed to donate 50% of our profits to help people in their lives when they need it most. Our focus has been to help in our local area in Worcestershire, where we have been part of the community for 25 years.

One of our projects this summer has been to support local families, by providing them with nutritious daily meals during the school holidays. It’s been our pleasure to work with the ‘Active Kitchen’ team who specialise in encouraging children and young people’s sports development. We’ve been working with them across four locations in Redditch, providing them with fresh, hot, meals on a daily basis.

Active Kitchen provides a safe, welcoming place for local children aged 11 -16 to keep active during the school holidays and fight holiday-hunger with delicious meals.  It aims to have a lasting impact on the lives of young people, empowering personal value and self-confidence.

Good tip for any Mums and Dads! – It turns out that their favourite meals were our Luxury Beef Lasagne, Beef Chilli & Cauliflower Cheese Tart.  The project was so successful that we’ve been asked to continue to provide the meals for the kids at every school holiday.

Elisabeth Cottam of the Active Kitchen team “ Redditch has some of the most deprived areas in the country which benefit from the Active Kitchen projects.  These areas particularly suffer from high levels of anti-social behaviour, low levels of aspiration and high levels of issues relating to poor metal health.

The project successfully tackles these issues through physical activity opportunities, nutritious food and passionate staff support. Previous projects have seen a huge impact on anti-social behaviour reports with a decrease of 33% in the summer holidays as a result.

This summer has seen a new contribution from local business ‘Life, Fork & Spoon’ which has been hugely valuable, providing the young people with the highest quality, nutritious meals. The food element is key to the project and ensures that young people across the district do not go hungry in the school holidays, plus demonstrates to young people that they are genuinely cared for in a way that isn’t possible through any other means.”

Life Fork & Spoon Chef & Owner Kevin Morel with Elisabeth Cottam on the right (children and young people sports development officer, Bromsgrove & Redditch) and one of the amazing team of volunteers!

Life, Fork & Spoon- good food for a great life!

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