Our Products

Quality & Consistency Assured

Quality and consistency are the key ingredients that we employ at LFS.We develop carefully crafted recipes using the best and freshest ingredients without cutting corners or skimping on quality.

Many of our dishes use Sous -Vide techniques that cook slowly & gently at precisely controlled temperatures.

This ensures perfectly tender & moist meats, full flavoured sauces and wonderful aromas time after time.

Sous-Vide cooking has enjoyed a recent rise in popularity but the technique has been around for 40 plus years. Our founder Kevin Morel has been one of the leading proponents of Sous-Vide cooking since 1986.

Snap Frozen

Our dishes are ‘snap frozen’ immediately after production and sub-polar packed at -50⁰C for delivery to you. The rapid freezing allows maximum quality retention. Our packing and delivery process ensures the dishes arrive to you completely frozen.The individual portion packs and frozen shelf life means that there is zero wastage.

Variety & Choice

Our range of dishes includes pates & terrines, generous main courses, luxury pies and hand-made quiches and tasty desserts. These incorporate a range of vegetarian, vegan, gluten- free and low-calorie options to suit every taste.

We have a great variety of dishes to which we will continually add through our development process.

Delivery & Storage

Any orders received before 1 pm are despatched on a ‘next day’ service to you (unless you choose a different date in the checkout). We offer deliveries 4 days per week Tuesday – Friday.

Our dishes are packed in insulated, recyclable thermal boxes into which we add deep frozen ice packs using our sub-polar technology (you can store these packs in your freezer and re-use them yourself should you wish).

Our dishes are delivered frozen, ready to store in your freezer. Should you wish to consume them straight away, simply defrost the individual portions you require in your fridge and reheat as recommended.