About Us

Life, Fork & Spoon – The story so far

Life, Fork & Spoon supplies top-quality, fully cooked, ready to heat & eat dishes direct from our facility in Worcestershire.

The founder and owner of the company is Kevin Morel, a food pioneer who has worked his whole life in the restaurant and food industry.

Kevin worked for the Roux Brothers in the mid 80’s and it was there that he assisted Albert Roux in the setting up of the UK’s first Sous-Vide business ‘Home Rouxl’.

At Home Rouxl, Kevin began to develop his understanding of the ground-breaking Sous-Vide process and since then, Kevin has continued to focus his many businesses around this technique. This experience, gained over the past 30 years of gourmet food production has enabled Life, Fork & Spoon to develop a range of top quality dishes; perfectly suited to busy people who are passionate about high-quality, natural foods.

Kevin saw that there was a demand for top quality prepared dishes for the home that was not being met. More than ever there is a need for high quality and generously sized portions of delicious food, fully cooked and ready to heat & eat. This is the kind of food you might treat yourself to when going out for a meal – but enjoyed in the comfort of your own home!

We have used our years of experience to identify the best and most popular recipes and our development team are constantly creating exciting new dishes.

We use high quality ingredients and state of the art sous-vide techniques to create mouth-watering, delicious meals.

Our simple and well tested formula:

Great food development skills + high quality ingredients + sous-vide cooking process


Well balanced, great quality, delicious dishes, time after time.

Whether it’s just a quick meal at home or a dinner party for your friends and family, Life, Fork & Spoon provides great results every time!